WoT Blitz Tank Types

WoT Blitz Light Tanks

Light Tanks

Light tanks are fast, due to less armor they have (thinner than with other tank types). This means they are easy to pen and be damaged.

Still, light tanks are expected to go forward and spot for their team. The main reason that goes in favor to this is their mobility (speed and quick turns). Good mobility makes light tanks able to peek and retreat faster than other tanks. This means they can spot red tanks, and then quickly take cover before they get aimed to and hit. This requires some practice which is acquired by going from lower tiers up to the highest. Spotting red team, especially at the beginning of a battle, is the most important part of the game as it gives an opportunity to a green team to land productive shots that reduce red team's total HP, plus it adds to their confusion and distraction.

Next thing about light tanks is their ability to flank fast. This helps in getting around quickly, alone or with other light and medium tanks, and attacking red tanks in unexpected way, using a surprise effect. Light tanks can do a "circle of death" (abbreviated COD) by circling around heavy and TD tanks at the speed that these cannot catch up with. So you simply keep shooting at them while they cannot catch you with any of their shots.

The above tactics that are characteristic to light tanks are useful as long as you DO NOT get OVERCONFIDENT which usually leads to being destroyed in seconds.

Medium Tanks

Medium tanks are close to light tanks in a way that they are more mobile than heavies and TDs. Yet, they cannot run as fast as lights, so they have to take a caution when counting on fast retreats and run away(s).

Still, they are expected to spot and flank like light tanks. Simply, they are always expected to run together with lights at the beginning of a battle. While lacking the full speed of lights, they can count on better armor, so they have a better chance to bounce first shots at them when spotted - while spotting red tanks.

Flanking is a part of medium tanks' everyday life. Just as mentioned for light tanks, medium tanks are able to flank fast and get behind red teams' lines. They also belong to a group of tanks that can do COD (Circle of Death).

Medium tanks have stronger armor than light tanks which gives them an advantage to take part in close fights with other tanks, no matter of their type (light, medium, heavy, tank destroyer). They can bounce shots easily if used in proper "bouncing" way which requires some mileage and practice.

Some may expect that guns of medium tanks are better than those of light tanks, but that's not a rule as they differ from tier to tier. So no special comment will be made here about that part.

Tank Destroyer Tanks - TDs

Tank Destroyer tanks, or TD tanks, or simply TDs, as their name implies, are those that are powerful enough to destroy other tanks in one or few shots.

TD tanks in WoT Blitz differ a lot from each other. Some come with turning gun/turret, and some do not (like German Rhm. or WT vs. Russian SU tanks). Some are fast, and some are slow, or somewhere in between. The speed is comparable to other tank types as some TDs can go as fast as light tanks (take E 25, SU-122-54, SU-100M1, or StuG for example). Other tank destroyers are very slow, like tier X Jagdpanzer E 100 or tier IX T95. Besides being turret or turret-less, and speed variations, they also differ in their armor. Some have great bouncy armor while others do not as they are easier to pen.

So what's the main point of tank destroyers since they can differ so much?

Well, the main principle of using a TD is to stay back and shot red tanks while being undetected or at least covered well. Many reasons go in favor of this way of TD usage. The two main reasons are:

  • Reduced Mobility - if a TD is too close to the red team, most cannot maneuver well to protect themselves.
  • Long Reload Time - a lot of decisions in WoT Blitz battles are based on shots a tank can make in a minute (both number of shots and total damage it can make within one minute). Having a reload of 10+ seconds puts a TD into an undesirable position as it can be damaged a lot or destroyed in that period.

Heavy Tanks

Heavy tanks, as their name implies, are having a lot of armor (a lot = thick armor). That means they can sustain many shots without damage, or that they ave to be shot more times than other tank types in order to get destroyed.

Thick bouncy armor gives heavy tanks an opportunity to sidescrape. The tactics of sidescraping is based on positioning a heavy tank so only its side is exposed while other body parts are behind a building or other obstacle. This way, most of enemy's shots are to bounce, doing no damage. In addition, a heavy tank has an opportunity to shoot while red tank(s) are waiting for a reload after bouncing on it. However, sidescraping does not guarantee 100% of safety for a heavy tank. Depending on an angle, it may still get damaged, plus it likely is not to sustain HE hits (high explosive shells).

Besides thick armor, heavy tanks have bigger guns than light and medium tanks. These large guns, combined with thick armor, give heavy tanks a power to force the assault and do great damage to the enemy team. If you ever hear "push" suggestion or command during a battle, it's usually intended to a "heavy" part of the team, supported by the rest like light, medium and TD tanks.

Many times, heavy tanks can force "head on" attacks, doing a lot of damage to the red team. This still requires proper estimate of the situation, as wrong calculation can bring heavy tanks into undesirable position of becoming too vulnerable, being outmaneuvered, sniped, or ambushed.